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Background. Born in Hiroshima Japan, 1949. Immigrated to Canada, 1961. Canadian Citizenship, 1976. Residing in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Education ... Akira Yoshikawa 28.09.2015 04:59:16 http://www.akirayoshikawa.com/bio.php

The below email form can be used to email the artist, and he can also be reached at his email akira_yoshikawa@rogers.com, and through representation below. Akira Yoshikawa 28.09.2015 04:59:16 http://www.akirayoshikawa.com/contact.php

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All work is created by and © copyright to Akira Yoshikawa, 1974 to 2015. Nothing may be used nor any derivative works created without express consent from ... Akira Yoshikawa 28.09.2015 04:59:16 http://www.akirayoshikawa.com/main.php